I recently decided to start with the herbal regimen once again.  It is a rough process for me.  I hate taking pills, and it seems like most of the herbals are HUGE pills!  I am currently taking Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Alfalfa, and Marshmallow Root.  Because I have horrible allergies, I have to use caution when taking any new herbs.  I did try the Asparagus (Shatavari) a while back and found I was extremely allergic to it.  UGH!  I have yet to add Brewer’s Yeast to the mix, but plan to do so soon.

After doing some research, I found the most popular of these and when possible, I tried to find a link to give you great information about the herb.  And just remember, all of these are geared toward the nursing baby….not nursing adults.  But the properties still remain the same.

Most popular herbs:
brewer’s yeast
blessed thistle
Other herbs you can try include: (See notes under the table)
anise astragalus root bermuda grass* Boza** Burdock***
nettle fennel Goat’s rue flax pumpkin seeds ǂ


quinoa Soapwort**** vervain red raspberry leaf
marshmallow (althaea) root   Torbangun

*Not a great deal of info about the effects on breastfeeding, but see the note #8
** I am including this one, but…….It is really a Millet-Ale that assists with women that are breastfeeding.  Two links, one is just a forum on it and the other is a link to make your own.
***I am not encouraging anyone to try this one.  I am including a link to information about it, however.  My advice:  Use caution.
**** This I am including because it is often suggested, however, I am including a link that shows that it may not be a good herb to take.
ǂ considered a Super Food

I truly hope that this list of herbs and their links to information are helpful to you!

Happy Nursing!



I have been pretty quiet lately.  Sorry about that, I do have more to get posted for you; but I wanted to bring you up to date with my progress!

I began taking Goat’s Rue earlier this week and wow, oh wow.  This morning I woke to dried milk on my breasts.  I had started leaking through the night, evidently.  So I am currently on Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, and now Goat’s Rue.  I have a good combination of them and it really seems to be working.

My other huge change is that I cut off my relationship with my ‘partner’, for good.  Of course, he has taken it personally and now won’t speak to me at all.  But knowing that he had someone else in his life was not doing me any good.  It was holding me back and causing me more frustration than it should have.

Now, I feel I have a right to be upset with him and the situation; because he swore he wanted to help me with this.  But in the end, he couldn’t make the effort that was really needed.  I don’t blame him though.  I was also to blame.  I was the one that thought I could handle the situation, but I couldn’t.  I need someone that wants to be with me and is as committed to it as I am.

Now it is a matter of getting my key back, but I am beginning to think that I should just say screw it! and make a new key.  It isn’t like he uses/used it even though he had it.  It isn’t like I will have to worry about him walking in on me with any other partner I may have.  Which is in the works.  🙂  I do have someone that is interested in being a nightly nurser; but I will have to really think about this.  I need my sleep too; but we will see.

Other than that…..It is one more day closer to my goal…even with the set-backs!

Happy Nursing to all!!!